Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Kavvanah, 8/16/2011 - Six levels of building relationships

According to Dr. Ron Wolfson, there are six levels of relationships that a synagogue should work toward building:

1. בין אדם לעצמו
Bein adam le-atzmo
Between a person and him/herself

2. בין אדם לחברו
Bein adam le-havero
Between individuals

3. בין אדם לקהילה
Bein adam la-qehillah
Between individuals and their faith community

4. בין אדם ליהדות
Bein adam le-yahadut
Between individuals and Judaism (Jewish practice, Jewish text, Jewish life)

5. בין אדם לעולם
Bein adam la-olam
Between individuals and the greater world

6. בין אדם למקום
Bein adam la-maqom
Between individuals and God

This is not necessarily a linear process, but it makes sense to start with one's internal accounting before moving on to the relationships with others and with God. In future kavvanot, I hope to elaborate on all of the above.

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