Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday morning in a bomb shelter

Rockets fell last night in several places in southern Israel. Two Facebook posts from my friend and colleague, Rabbi Leor Sinai, were especially unnervingץ He is currently in Beersheva:

"Sirens at 5:51am. Grab kids and run into bomb shelter, again. Hear two booms."

"We are fine. & your prayers are felt here in Be'er Sheva. Just haven't figured out how to explain to Akiva (almost 6) when he asks: aba why are we in the closet room?"

What can you possibly say to a six-year-old? I have not yet even found away to talk about something like this with my son, who is ten and also lives in Israel.

Shabbat has already descended upon Israel; let's hope that this day of rest brings some peace and quiet to those within range of rocket fire.

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