Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Not-Exclusively-Spiritual Cleanse - Tuesday Kavvanah, 3/13/2012

I do not wish to alarm you, but I began shopping for Pesah yesterday, purchasing some basic items that I'm pretty sure I'll need in a month.  No matter that my house is still infested with hametz - we'll be taking care of that in short order.

Situated directly across the Jewish year from Yom Kippur, Pesah is something like a second shower on a humid summer day.  While the former holiday focuses entirely on cleansing the spirit, Pesah is as much about physical purification.  This is a time to eliminate the veteran products moldering in the back of the fridge, the sticky substances hanging out in the microwave and corrupting the shelves, and the crumbs that have multiplied under seat cushions and taken up residence in corners.

But the deeper item here is that, just as many other Jewish rituals require some sort of re-enactment of an ancient event, this cleaning is representative of something else.  Just as we clean our homes, so too do we purify our spirits.  With the renewal of spring comes the renewal of our souls.

There are only 24 more cleaning days until Pesah.  Get a move on!

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