Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time for an Inventory of "Meaningful Stuff" - Thursday Kavvanah, 1/12/2012

We are currently seeking a Director of Education, and as such I have seen a number of resumes of late.  One crossed my e-desk last night, notable for the following bullet points under one of the candidate's recent positions (I am not making this up!):
  • Prepared and taught original classes and lectures several times per week
  • Hosted Shabbat services and meals
  • Did some other meaningful stuff

Considering the rather flippant (and quite amusing) third point, it seems to me that there are really only three possibilities here:
1.  The candidate is not really looking for a job.
2.  The candidate never learned how to put together a resume properly.
3.  The candidate used it as a placeholder for something else that he could not come up with at the time, and figured that he would come back to it later, but apparently never did.

I am going to go with the third possibility, giving him kaf zekhut (the benefit of the doubt).  But the lesson we can all learn here is the following: every now and then, it's a good idea to take inventory of all the "meaningful stuff" in our lives, and make sure that we have followed through.  Where are the placeholders, the important items to which we intended to return?  Who are the friends, relatives, and colleagues to whom we still owe a call, a coffee, a card?  What are the elements of our internal curricula vitae that remain unedited?

Perhaps now would be a good time for review.  Behatzlahah!  Good luck!

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