Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Morning Kavvanah, 2/2/2011 - The Ice Storm

One of the psalms that we read every morning during Shaharit (the morning service) invokes God's role in the natural world, and the power that God summons through storms:

אֵשׁ וּבָרָד, שֶׁלֶג וְקִיטוֹר; רוּחַ סְעָרָה, עֹשָׂה דְבָרוֹ

Fire and hail, snow and vapor, stormy wind, fulfilling His word. (Psalms 148:8)

Our ancestors were far less removed from nature than we are today; they did not have central heating or effective weatherproofing. They saw the storm as a sign of God's strength.

We see snow and ice and freezing rain as more of a nuisance than anything else. But it might be helpful to let ourselves be occasionally humbled by nature and God. Perhaps this would lead us to respect both more.

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